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Get familiar with drug court if you’re caught with opioids

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Drug Charges |

In Henrico County, there is a drug court that specifically deals with those who have been accused of drug crimes. If you have been caught with prescription opioids that aren’t in your name or falsely accused of selling or transferring these prescription drugs to other people, it’s important to make sure you have a solid defense in place even when attending a drug court.

The point of the drug court is to reduce the likelihood of recidivism and crime by intervening and treating those who are abusing substances such as opioid drugs. These individuals are held accountable though the criminal justice system, but there are additional supports through treatment providers and community support teams.

Who can participate in the drug court?

There are set rules that determine who can participate in the drug court. To start with, understand that admission to this court is voluntary. Candidates do, however, have to be approved by the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Those who want to enter the drug court system need to currently be involved in a case in the circuit court and cannot have prior convictions for violent offenses.

Some other requirements state that the defendant may not:

  • Have a conviction for drug possession or distribution within the last decade
  • Have a conviction for predatory sex crimes or felonious crimes with child victims
  • Be convicted of a drug offense while using, possessing or carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon
  • Have any pending felonies or misdemeanors other than traffic crimes
  • Be on parole
  • Be on prescription medications that affect drug tests

The court also expects that those who enter this program will be able to get to and from the program meetings and fulfill the requirements that are set. They are asked to live within Richmond and may not work as an informant for the police while the case is being handled.

If you have questions about this program and would like to know if it could be beneficial to you, let your attorney know. They can help you understand if you qualify based on your circumstances.