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DMV and Demerit Points

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Firm News |

When you are convicted of a traffic offense, DMV will probably assess “Demerit Points.” If you accumulate 12 demerit points in 12 months, or 18 points in 24 months, you will be required to go to a driver improvement clinic and complete the driving clinic within 90 days. If you accumulate 18 demerit points in 12 months, or 24 points in 24 months, your license will be suspended for 90 days in addition to completing a driver improvement clinic before you can get your license back. After you get your license back, you will be in probation for 6 months. While there are some online driving classes you can take, if you are under 20 years old, you have to go to the class in person.

There are a few different rules if you are convicted of a traffic violation committed when you were under 18 years old. You will have to complete driving school. If you do not complete, and pass, driving school within 90 days, your license will be suspended. Up for your second traffic violation and points assessment? DMV will suspend your permit or license for 90 days. After a third traffic violation, your license will be revoked for a year or until you are 18 years old, whichever is longer. You must attend driving school in person if you are under 18. Online classes are not accepted.

Restricted driving privileges granted by DMV are valid only in Virginia and allow you to drive only to and from work; during employment hours only if driving is a required part of your job; to and from school if you are a student; for health care services, including medically necessary transportation of an elderly parent or of a person residing in the driver’s household with a serious medical problem; to transport your minor child to and from school, day care or for medical treatment; to and from a court-ordered visitation with your child; to and from court appearances when subpoenaed as a witness or a party; to and from appointments with a probation officer; or to and from any programs required by the court or as a condition of probation.