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At The Law Office of Susan E. Allen, Attorney at Law, PLLC, in Midlothian, I work with individuals, professionals and families in a variety of matters related to real estate and real property, from residential and commercial evictions to real estate settlements and other real estate matters.

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Tenant Advice From A Chesterfield Foreclosure Lawyer

What do you do if you are a tenant, and your landlord is not paying the mortgage on the house you and your family live in? Good tenants get evicted for no other reason than that they have a landlord who refuses to pay the mortgage. A lender has the right to foreclose, but you have a lease. What will happen to you?

If you find out that your landlord is not paying the mortgage, you may be able to force the landlord to use your rent payments to pay the mortgage on the house you live in. It will require the intervention of the court.

Security deposits are to be used for repair of damages to rental property leased to a tenant. Tenants have a right to have this money returned to them when the lease period terminates. Landlords can be forced to account for the money and return the money to a tenant. In some cases, a landlord who wrongfully retains the security deposit can be required to pay the legal fees a tenant incurs to have the security deposit returned.

Commercial Tenants And Landlords — For Landlords

If you own and lease residential or commercial property, a tenant who will not pay rent can cost you a lot of money. You still have your obligations on the property but you have to pay them out of your own pocket when your tenant does not pay you. You may be inclined to handle eviction proceedings yourself thinking you will keep your costs down. Legal action, however, can be complex and time-consuming. I will prepare the required notices and file all necessary documents to ensure that you can repossess the premises quickly and cost-effectively. An experienced commercial landlord-tenant lawyer can protect you and your interests from a costly, time-consuming mistake.

Real Estate Settlements And Counsel For Homeowners

If you are ready to buy your first home, you may be overwhelmed with information. It is important to know what all the documents are, what they say, what they are for. Deeds of trust, mortgages, deeds, real estate purchase contracts, notes, easements, restrictive covenants and title insurance can all be confusing to a first-time homebuyer. If you are considering working with a real estate agent or broker through the process, consider the stakes.

When you have a question, you have no one to ask because your settlement agent cannot answer your legal questions. Your real estate agent, while knowledgeable in how to best market your property, cannot give you legal advice. You are on your own. The sooner you have an attorney guiding you through the process, the better protected you will be. I am a Richmond real estate attorney with extensive experience handling all aspects of commercial and residential real estate settlements in Virginia.

Some areas in which I represent homeowners include:

  • Title searches
  • Easements
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Trespassing
  • Deed drafting
  • Lease drafting

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