Child Support Defense in Chesterfield County

If you fall behind on child support, you can be held in contempt and sentenced to jail, even if there is a good reason you could keep up with the payments. At the Law Office of Susan E. Allen, I defend fathers in actions for nonpayment of child support.

I am an experienced child support defense attorney who understands the consequences you are facing and I can help you. I represent fathers in Chesterfield County, Virginia, in actions to establish child support, change child support and protect their rights as fathers.

Are you behind on child support? Are you unable to make the payments and need help? Call me at (804) 592-2058 or e-mail me to schedule your confidential consultation.

Lawyer Helping Clients With Wage Garnishment and Unpaid Child Support

Fathers are typically the parent that is required to pay child support and it is typical that a father's role to be reduced to a check payable to the mother or to support enforcement. It doesn't seem that the necessity of a father treated as being important in Virginia courts. When you miss a payment, it can be difficult to change your child support order or adjust your payments.

If you need to change your child support, I will work closely with you to modify your child support payments and tackle other family law issues relating to children. Whether you have lost your job or have been forced to take a job with reduced income, I help you explore your options and find a solution to your child support problems.

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